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Another fact: 'Blog' is short for Web Log. So let's go web logging! Anyone can post, as long as they have my permission and is a member.

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Um... hello?

Posted by Sherry on March 4, 2014 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

No matter how much I knock and try to broadcast my website all over the Web, nobody answers. Anyone there? Hello?

Hi. I'm a girl from Southern Canada- (Hey you Americans! We're not that cold!!! We're more southern than Northern Dakota in one part! There was that time I took a cruise in Florida, and when I said I was Canadian, they all asked, "You live in an IGLOO???" Anyway, that's a whole new story. And I don't.) and I just blog ocassionally about my opinion of certain things. All random! I probably won't blog on a basis, maybe several times a day or even once a month.

About me: I'm a whole mix and stuff of different hobbies and likes. Other people, in an instant, they just go, "I love vanilla ice cream and pizza, and I like to knit and swim. I love animals, cloudwatching and the color turquoise." But I'm not like that! You might be able to pick up my personality along the articles, though. I AM interested in gothic styles, and my favorite color is transparent (I know, weird. But come on- it used to be stripes). If you really want to know me, feel free to ask in the comments. Oh yeah- I also like Minecraft videos and toys and blogs and decoration and style. And I DON"T EVEN OWN THE GAME.

So about this blog; refer to the title, sphallolalia. That's what'll be in the articles.

Your totally awesome fellow Sphallolaian, Sherry!

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